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Monday, September 1, 2014

True Colors By Krysten Hager

Landry is 14 years old, and has very poor self-esteem, she is constantly put down by her friends. When one of her friends suggests entering a modeling contest, she wasn’t too crazy about the idea but entered anyway. To her surprise, and her friends’ surprise, Landry advances to the next level in the contest.  You’ll have to read the book as I don’t want to give anything away.

My Thoughts,

This book really interested me it didn’t seem like all this different stuff was happening and it was a real life problems didn’t seem to be solved as easy as they are in some books. She was having the same problems that many girls have faced in how they see themselves. Landry was nice I could really identify with her. I think most girl readers will find themselves doing the same, because we have all gone through one part of our lives where we backed down for everything or thought we weren’t as pretty as others. True Colors is a true to life type story that teaches an important lesson and I think young teen girls will really enjoy reading it.

Jason Griffin book 1 Tale of the Two Servents By Sophie Russell

Jason Griffin is just a typical 15 year old living in a small town on a lake house. One day his parents go missing and he learns secrets about his past that change his life forever. The book follows his story to find out more about himself, his parents and the life he thought he knew.

My Thoughts

Some parts in the story I felt were not needed. During the rest of the book my mind seemed to wander back to those parts and I wondered to myself “why was that there?” But other than that I enjoyed the book and the characters were well put together. Serena, one of the other characters, was strong and helped Jason a lot.  This book did have a bit of mystery, and I don’t want to give anything away, but some parts did leave you wondering what is going to happen. I hope there will be a sequel so I can finish the story. Fun to read, this is a YA mystery that will have you wanting more.

Playing on the Yggdrasil by Alex Mcgilvery

Patrick’s wife just died. Left with Justina, his young daughter, he tries to cope. When she is older she encounters a talking tree on her school grounds. Patrick doesn’t understand his daughter’s stories about the tree or about the magical world she visits when she goes into the tree. But her journey proves to be more perilous than expected and she is forced to return home to enlist her father’s help to win a war against evil.

My thoughts

Justine was cute little girl she tried her hardest and helped protect someone who wasn’t so nice. Patrick I felt was very sad but tried to cope for his daughter he believed in his daughter and helped her with her dreams. The ending was strange and I was a bit confused, at first I thought it was kind of a Christian book, but then it started talking about a goddess. It seemed to be one of those books where I kind of knew what was going to happen, but when it did I was still halfway expecting the twist that didn’t come. While it didn’t end the way I would have liked to see it end, I did enjoy the plot and the way the characters were built up throughout the story.

The Hearts Discovery By Amy Mcguire

Anjaline is a 14 year old girl whose stepfather has just gotten a new job far away from everyone she knew and everything she called home. She is angry about the move and anxious about having to start a new life in a new town. After a dinner party, she storms out in anger and gets lost in a forest. 

My thoughts

This book had love and secrets. Although I felt I have read a similar plot line, I really enjoyed the characters and how they grew. Anjaline meets a couple of different boys in the book and I think the move from one boy to the next may have been a little fast. Robin was one of my favorites he was nice and didn’t seem to be attracted to her like most of the boys were. I have mixed feelings about this. The ending was nice, I enjoyed reading and definitely got emotionally attached to the characters.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elfblood by Kyra Dune

Elfblood by Kyra Dune

Elfblood is a book about a half elf, half human named Charlie. Charlie, a potential royal, has lived a hard life which seems to get worse when he is taken to a work camp by a power hungry king who wants to uncover an enchanted rock . My favorite character is Miranda. No matter what happened she followed Charlie and helped him. I enjoyed the mystery and the magic. It was a page-turner and a good read. I think people who enjoy fantasy books would also enjoy this story.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel
Enchantment was filled with romance and magic although I feel that in some parts it is a bit mature, I really enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the plot, Channie (the main character) was a strong girl faced with difficult choices and people who are after her family. Breaking a curse is not easy neither is avoiding people who want to kill you. I loved this book it just pulled me in, I cannot wait to read the sequel. View the book here:


Three Twigs For the Campfire By Joe Cognard

Three Twigs For the Campfire
I think this is for people in a lower age group then me. its good for kids who like campfire stories. Also for those who like everyday stories and not ones for horror.
Three Twigs For the Campfire By Joe Cognard

The Basket of Seeds Ska St.Julian

The Basket of Seeds Ska St.Julian
I don’t have words to describe this book, it just wasn’t what I expected, I don’t think it’s for people my age. To be honest I don’t think it’s interesting. It first talked about a sleepy train and Mommi Sparklie, as I read some parts I  didn't really understand why was it talking about this? I was lost plus I didn't understand what they were talking about, I didn't like it. It might just not be for people my age group.You can try it if you would like click the name below to see it on amazon.

P.S The drawings are good  I liked them.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Order of Ascalon By Daniel Franks

Glynnis is a girl who grows up living in a castle apprentice to Merlin, but when an evil threatens to kill the kings son, Peter. Glynnis, Merlin, and the baby prince go into hiding but when they are attacked Merlin stops them, and then sends the two away both to at a different place, Years later Peter learns of his heritage and has to destroy the growing evil.

One of the things I enjoyed was the descriptions of the places and the way the characters were written.

Dream Walkers Part 1 By DM Andrews

This book follows Cal and Ash as they discover on why, they can’t control their dreams anymore? also why do they appear in each other dreams? This Fantasy/Adventure will put you on edge as you go through this tale.‏‏
I enjoyed this book because it left me guessing on what would happen next, who was behind it all? I really enjoyed reading it and going through the adventure.

To hear more watch the video down below.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion by Mary C. Findley

A young woman becomes in love with a boy who is wealthy and her age. However, she is engaged to someone who is missing and has been for over 15 years.  After a series of twists and turns that leaves her terrified, this young woman will find herself trying to find her mother and her uncle while trying to make sure whoever took them, doesn't strike again. With her only guardians missing, Hope must find and defeat the villain while trying to decide who she really loves.

To be honest I have mixed opinions on this book, in parts I enjoyed it, however in different parts of the story I didn't enjoy as much.

Sabaska’s Tale By Julie Campbell

Sabaska’s Tale 

This book follows a girl named Anna who is learning how to handle her grandmother’s death. However Anna thinks that the circumstances following her death are strange. She soon tries to sell all of the horses that belonged to her grandmother, but is having a hard time trying to sell them. One night Anna is taken away to another land and finds out that someone is trying to capture travelers (horses with special abilities), and use their ability to travel from world to world. During this adventure Anna tries to stop this evil while making sure no one becomes suspicious of her whereabouts.

I like the way it was written Anna did what she thought was right, and this is a good book  fantasy and horse lover will like this book.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Leandra's Enchanted Flute By Katy Huth Jones

Lee Ann is the main character who has just ended chemo therapy, but knows there is a chance that the cancer might come back. Once home from chemo, she is whirled away to an adventure to defeat something similar to cancer called canker it is destroying a magical land and killing the animals, trees and poisoning the waters. Soon she is fighting giant roaches, worms, and vultures, it seems she can never catch a break, first she gets cancer and now she has to save a land from something that reminds her of cancer, at least she has her magic flute to help her battle evil.This book helps cancer patients realize that they can fight cancer and still live a life even though they have cancer. This book taught me that no matter what I face there is always hope and a way to be happy. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I am going to interview Kat Heckenbach at 11am this morning. If you'd like to watch, participate or ask questions, here is the link: Remember, it will be live!,

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Last Time Keepers and The Arch of Atlantis by Sharon Ledwith

This book begins with a group of kids who have a food fight, the kid’s names are Amanda, Treena, Ravi, Jordan Jensen, and Bailey. My favorite character was Amanda because she was strong, smart, and really sweet. This group of teens get sent to do yard work and find something. They find an arch and then get sent to Atlantis, where they are told they are the last of the timekeepers. While at Atlantis they meet a woman named Lilith, she informed that that there was a person who stole an arch and is going into the past. This person is changing history, which is where they come in as timekeepers. This book kept me puzzled by who the villain was but I loved the way the characters bonded throughout their struggles. Overall I would definitely read this book again and hope to read the sequel.  If you like fighting, action, and adventure fantasy this book is for you! 

Click link to go to the amazon page with this book!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack of Hearts by Ricardo Bare

Jack of Hearts by Ricardo Bare

The book starts with the main character Jack, Jack is a boy with a horrible past. He willingly gave up his heart due to the guilt he felt; the person who now has his heart sends him on a quest to kill a wizard. Jack has no idea who the wizard is, but what this person says goes. 

This book is full of twists and turns as well as a bit of romance. Jack feels confused when he has access to all of the feelings he thought he would lose due since he had no heart. Why does Jack give up his heart? Some things are painful to remember and Jack is trying his best to not remember or feel anything. As Jack faces dwarfs, giants, and being locked up he finds himself liking a girl who is imprisoned in a magic mirror. I really enjoyed this book because it was well written,  I loved the emotions it made me feel, and all the characters. I can’t wait to read the next one. 

Emaline's Gift by Brad Francis

Emaline's Gift by Brad Francis

Emaline’s gift is a Christian YA book that I really enjoyed. The book taught me that no matter how much you sin you can always be accepted by God. Sometimes we can’t see the wonderful gifts that God gives us, and when we do it is wonderful. The book really helped me understand that we do make mistakes however the Lord is willing to forgive us and bring us back on the good side. Even though someone may seem really bad you just need to be there for them. Get them to understand that God is there no matter what. I’m getting off track aren’t I? On with the review!

This book was amazing I definitely want to re-read it, my favorite character has to be Anthony. He was sweet, and really cared for Emaline. I don’t know why but the story reminded me of how sometimes I do things against the rules and end up building a wall between me and Christ, it hurts that I do. Anthony did something similar after a while he confessed it was nice to know that even after all that God still loved him, it gives me hope that he will still love me no matter what.

I encourage you to read this book it helps open your mind to things you haven’t thought of before and while some things aren’t true (having powers) it’s still nice to read about Christ and the things he does for us.

Deep River High Series: Perfect Forgiveness by Shaina Cilimberg

Perfect Forgiveness by Shaina Cilimberg

This Christian book follows a boy named Kirk who has been bullied and abused since he was a kid. Bullying is a tough subject and it affects a lot of teens, even those who are Christians. In Kirk’s case, his teachers don’t do anything to help him. In the story, he struggles trying to decide who his real friends are. When some of these friends begin talking about a plan to get revenge on the bullies and on the teachers that ignore the problem, Kirk begins to believe they will actually do something horrible. Kirk wants to back out but these ‘friends’ threaten him. Does God want him to do this? How should he deal with bullies? Is violence the right answer?

Another book by Shaina Cilimberg that takes very difficult issues and real problems faced by teenagers today. I liked that the book dealt with the issue in a real way because it is a tough one, I have to say that I enjoyed reading the book, but I did not like the way it ended. I can’t explain why without giving spoilers and I don’t want to do that, but I still think it is an important story to tell. Like the other book in the Deep River High Series, you might want to have your parents read it first or with you as this is one book that will force you to ask serious questions about bullying, revenge and what God has to say on the subject.

Deep River High Series: Crowded

Cole used to be a player, trying to stay faithful to his girlfriend, Emily, but for some reason ended up sexting another girl. Josh is a person with a past; he is struggling to be a good Christian but he is slowly losing his mind to the guilt he feels for a decision he made with his last girlfriend. Then he meets Emily. She is upset at the betrayal she feels with her boyfriend Cole and helps Josh deal with his guilt in a very real way and ends up falling for him. This book deals with very real issues that face today’s teenagers and it does so from a Christian point of view.

That’s a tough thing to do for a Christian book to deal with issues like sexting, sex, and abortion. This is a great book for a teen to read with their parents and discuss these real life issues without kid gloves on. A lot of Christian books would gloss over the guilt, the sins of these teens, Crowded deals with it in a real way.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Glass Heart By C.J. Sellers

Glass Heart By  C.J. Sellers

This short story was about the last person on Earth. The story begins with an unnamed, genderless, fifteen year old person who is the last person on earth. This person remembers their kind mother and their brother before the plague took their lives. The survivor sets out to hopefully find a cure and to help the scientists. Only for a shock to come when he does. I found I liked the person although I pitied them because they were the last one left, I really did enjoy the story and hope the author will write more! This is a great story for those who enjoy horror books.
Want to read the story for yourself? Check out her website by clicking on her name. C.J. Sellers
Hannah Mo

Magian High By: Lia London

Magian High By:Lia London
The main characters in this book are Kincaid Riley and Amity Griffin. These two people live in a world where is not acceptable to be friends if you not in the same group. These groups? Mages who can gain or lose their magic by their emotions, and the Nomars who don’t have magic, they are considered the outcasts by Mages. Kincaid Riley a Mage meets Amity Griffen the Nomar , these two quickly become friends despite the difference in groups. Sadly Kincaid’s acceptance of the Nomars results in attacks from some Mages. These two will battle having to escape death, evil teachers, and those who want to destroy their friendship. Meanwhile they must keep safe from the new superintendent at his school who is bent on keeping the Nomars away. This books ending was great and I encourage everyone to read this book.

Why did you like this book?

My favorite character is Amity definitely, I really connected with her throughout the book. I also enjoyed how she reacted to the teachers and just presented herself. Another thing I enjoyed was how funny the book could be sometimes, but still very serious in others. I also enjoyed the bond between Amity and Kincaid, they are great friends.


How would you describe this book?

This book had an equal blend of adventure and romance. The characters and the events surrounding them take readers through many twist and turns. The creative plot takes the reader on an incredible journey into a world of emotions and magic.
Want to find out about more Lia London books? Click on her name now!
Want to read my review on her other book " Circle Of Law"?  Circle of Law Click on the link now!

Hannah Mo

Benjamin Blake and The Curse of Silver and Sunlight By: Paul Keenan

Benjamin Blake and The Curse of Silver and Sunlight By: Paul Keenan

Benjamin a human was born into a world of vampires. After being attacked and losing his father he is on the brink of death, and life will come at a price. The price? Being a vampire forever. His creator was a vampire who is craving freedom from the life of slavery by witches. As a fifteen year old boy who got turned into a vampire, he must find a way to save his people. Or be enslaved by witches forever. In this book the main character Benjamin will learn how to read a spell book, avoid capture and still learn about being a new vampire.

 What did I like about this book?

One of my favorite things was Benjamin had a sense of right and wrong. I also really enjoyed getting to know how Benjamin thought throughout the book, I found him really headstrong and caring.

How would you describe this book?

I would describe the book as full of action, I mean action was basically on every page. I also liked the fact that the author kept you guessing on what was going to happen. So definitely read it, and I am definitely excited for the sequel.
Check out Paul Keenan's Twitter Page Paul Keenan
Hannah Mo

Circle of Law By: Lia London

Circle of Law By: Lia London
Lia London

This book begins in a village with a girl named Marki, the village is in a drought and her family has been trying to survive without water. When she goes to bury her parents she will also find out why she has her unique abilities. These abilities? Whenever she gets angry at someone, they mysteriously die the next day. Bobres her newly discovered grandfather explains that she belongs with the ancients. The Council of Drandsil (The Ancients) governed things like water, death, as well as hope. Throughout the book she has to deal with people trying to control her and her powers, her grief from her parent’s death, and trying to stay alive.

What did I love about this book?

I loved the fact the I never knew what was going to happen,  and that the characters were all deeply connected through emotion. I also enjoyed the moral of the story and I hope that the other readers will love it as much as I did.

What would I describe it as?

I would probably describe it as a very emotional book, a book with twists, adventure, and love all rolled into 25 Chapters.
Want to see more books by Lia London? Click on her name now!
Hannah Mo

Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't Worry About The Mule Going Blind By: Betty Tucker Book Review

Don’t Worry About the Mule Going Blind By Betty Tucker

This book gives people the true facts about life how a lot of people kids and adults where treated unfairly. It made me feel horrible about the way some people were treated back then and even now, how kids or teens would try to go find help only to not receive any because of what their skin tone looked like or what their status was in the community. The book taught me that no matter what no matter how old or broken I am I can make it through anything, Sometimes people do things and we may not understand it but everything happens for a reason. Things go a certain way to determine who you are no matter how small it is as I was reading this book I realized it. It’s like a chain reaction what if you didn’t go the wrong way? Would you end up in a crash would something bad happen? We may never know why but things happen for better or worse to teach us a lesson. And that’s exactly what happened in the book, I learned many things about how life isn’t fair I feel horrible about the way people were treated back then the way some people won’t believe over someone else just because that person is in a higher status.
Hannah Mo Roberts

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Dry by Rececca Nolen

The Dry 

I love stories where the heroes are my age and are fighting for what is good. I love stories with magic and magical creatures, other worlds and mystery! So when I started reading The Dry, I was really excited because it has all of that!

Elliot is a 12 year old who goes out into the world to search for his father. When he meets Lefty, Eliot discovers another world where dragons live, just under the surface of the world. But there is more to this new world than meets the eye. Water is disappearing and so are several children!

Elliot is determined to find out why it is happening. He learns of his own powers over animals of this world and must find a way to use it to help him solve the mystery of the disappearing water, the disappearing children and the mystery of the dry!

Will he be able to find his father? Or the kids? Nope, I’m not going to tell you! You have to read it yourself! I loved Lefty’s attitude because she was strong and wasn’t willing to give up when things got hard. It was very fun to read!

The Lady Astronomer by Katy O'Dowd

The Lady Astronomer  is a story that follows the life of Lucretia as she moves and helps her brother complete a mission given to him by the King to build a forty foot telescope. Lucretia is then invited to the castle to teach Astronomy to the kids children only too get thrown in jail for something she didn’t do.

My favorite character in this book is Al (Lucretia’s brother) I loved hearing about his inventions and liked how he would do anything to help his sister (including insulting the king). Special note: It is not good to insult the King!

My other favorite character is Princess 12 or Kitty, she went out on a limb and helped save Lucretia's life! Even if Kitty is a little girl she is sweet, funny and feisty. She reminds me of me when I was younger.

I will definitely be reading The Lady Astronomer again and hope that there are more adventures to come!

Heron Baby Island by Robert Cherney

Heron Baby Island  is a book about a 17 year old boy named Stu, while taking pictures of a bird one day Stu sees Natalie (a girl he’s been crushing on for a while) and together the two try and save the birds from being eating by alligators, something that happened as he watched. The story of their friendship from handling school life to finding something in common that they both care about grows from that point on.

My favorite thing about this book is the fact it shows that you can do something if you put your mind to it. Despite the odds against him, he tries to raise the funds needed, to help protect these endangered birds. The difficulty of his end goal didn’t discourage him in pursuing it. I like stories where teens don’t let their age stop them from trying to make a difference.

The story also made a point that just because some animals are put into shows for all to see doesn’t mean that they are abused or mistreated. Sometimes, what others are able to learn from these shows teaches them an appreciation for animals they would never be able to see up close any other way.

I don’t want to give away any of the ending but if you want to read a story about a teen on a mission against difficult odds, you will enjoy Heron Baby.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alora By Tamie Dearen


Alora by Tamie Dearen


In the book, Alora, the title character is just an average fifteen year old girl. She’s a public school student with two best friends, Wesley and Beth. Then she begins to have visions that cause her to call on her friends to help her understand them.

All of her visions seem to revolve around a boy, one she has never seen before. She has many questions like is this boy real? Or is he a figment of her imagination? Soon she learns a startling truth that causes her to question everything she knows about her life and family.

Throughout the book she gains a supernatural ability. Transporting. She learns how to disappear from one place and appear in another and she begins to perfect her ability.


I like Alora’s personality, she thinks she can save everyone and will do anything to try, even if it means getting hurt or fighting with someone around her. I really enjoyed reading Alora for the mystery, for the romance between her and her ‘vision boy’. I thought it was sweet. I really liked Beth because she was very funny. I like the way the real world we all live in was combined with a magical one with sorcerers and the supernatural.

I would definitely recommend Alora to anyone who likes romance, magic and young adult plots.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Seeds of Anger

Seeds of Anger

Seeds of Anger begins with a 15 year old boy whose name is Sonny. With his father dead and his mother dying, their income is getting very low. However when a stranger rents a plot of their land and moves in, things seem to change.

I love this book because I can relate to the main character Sonny, he’s very curious but seems to be able to manage his curiosity throughout the book. I think he’s strong with handling his dad’s death, caring for his mother, and all while he is in... the top 10 of the brightest people in his grade.

In the book Sonny gets his first crush on a girl; while becoming involved in stuff he really shouldn't be in; like who is the stranger really? Why is he here? Is he dangerous?

Near the end of the book there are many plot twist that includes death, blackmail, and marriage; as everything is revealed.

I enjoyed this book because I thought it was sweet yet mysteries; it’s a good book.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach

Finding Angel

Finding Angel’s first chapter is mysterious. I didn't really understand what was going on, but I kept reading and I am glad I did. The book introduces Angel, the main character, she is an orphan. Now Angel has just arrived home, and her brother found a rare beetle and asks her to find out what she can about the beetle. She looks at the beetle closely and for some reason she can't explain the pattern on the back of the beetle matches the one on her bracelet.

Her investigation of this mysterious bug leads to her meeting someone who knows stuff about her, things she didn't even know! She discovers that she has a magical talent! She discovers her talent to be able to find things no matter where they are.

What I liked about the characters is I could connect to each one in a different way. Also I thought the plot was good. I enjoyed reading about the different challenges Angel was going through trying to find her parents and remember her past (from before she was 6.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Mind Reader by Lori Brighton

Some people think that being able to read someone's mind would be cool. but think about it, having to hear everyone's thoughts all the time, having to hide it, and always knowing what someone is thinking whether its good or bad? That's what it was like for Cameron, the teenager who is the main character in Lori Brighton's book, "The Mind Reader".
This book starts off with Cameron reading a man's mind. but then it goes on to explain that she has no control  over her ability. Cameron is a girl who is scared, unsure about her abilities and is sure who she can trust. The twist comes when she discovers a body and learns that there is one person whose mind she cant read, All of a sudden her life changes. I would hate to spoil the rest so I'll continue on how I thought about it.

Now this book is a mystery, and I don't usually read mysteries, but this book sucked me in and made me feel like I was there. I could not put it down, the ending had me wanting to know what happens next.

rating: 5 Mo's

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rea of Hope

Rea of Hope by W.J. May

The book begins with Rea Kerrigan on the bus and thinking about the words her Uncle had said before dropping her off at her new school. We find out that she used to live in Britain (where she is now) before she moved years ago. Rea than relives a memory giving us a hint into why she had moved away and why her parents are dead.

When she arrives at her new school (Guilder Boarding School) people seem to already know her or at least know her name. Apparently both of her parents were part of a secret group of people who have something that is called a ta’too similar to a tattoo; accept it appears on their 16 birthday. This ta’too describes their power or what their ability is.

So how do these people know her parents? Why do they dislike her even though they have just met her? Who’s her friend and who’s her enemy? This book has a lot of  plot twists and turns. I loved the main character I thought she was interesting and head-strong. I was really surprised at how this book ends. But the ending just made me want to read the rest of the series as soon as possible.

W.J May Website:

This book received 5 MOs.

Hannah Roberts


My name is Hannah Elizabeth Roberts and I am 14 and love, LOVE to read. My favorite authors include Rick Riordan, WJ May and CS Lewis. Anyway you get the point. My dad is an author, accountant and loves to read too. He has set my assignment for my home school class to read new Young Adult books, write a review for them and post a video about what I thought.

He called this blog Mo Book Reviews because when I was born, my hair was stuck straight up in a Mo-Hawk style and he has called me Mo to this day. SO if you would like to send a 14 year an ecopy of your latest book I will read it and review it and post a video blog about what I thought of it. (Don't worry I'm not mean.) I will have a rating system of one MO to five MO's, like stars but with my dad's weird sense of humor.

Remember, I'm 14, not 41, so please no intensely romantic to the point of being too grown up or my dad will bust a blood vessel. Contact me here at the blog, I'm hoping to get started with my first new YA book Dark Nebula by WJ May. Hope to hear from you soon.

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