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Video Reviews By Mo


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Blast

The Edge Of Nowhere by C.H. Armstrong is being released today! I have included links to the book and the Authors Synopsis.

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Victoria Hastings Harrison Greene knows her family despises her.  She’s even heard her grandchildren snigger behind her back about the “Immaculate Conception of David” – her fifth child, conceived between husbands.  But Victoria refuses to die before revealing the secrets she’s held locked away for more than 50 years; the secrets only whispered about in family folklore that has made her the feared matriarch of her family.

Widowed with nine children, Victoria will do anything to provide for her children – even murder, and without remorse.  Each day brings greater challenges:  poverty, homelessness, death, starvation, degradation and disease.  Some challenges will require despicable acts to overcome. But at what cost?  Can her family understand the decisions she’s made to secure their futures?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Storm Of Fury

Storm of Fury
Written by Andrew Wood
Genre Fantasy
The story began with a hook luring the reader in along with information about what was going on while moving on the story which is good because a book that stops and just spills information without keeping the plot going makes it boring in some parts. The main character Kaven is an interesting person after flunking school he moved on to the  army.  While on leave for a few days he gets sent away on a mission to deliver a message. At least, that is what he thinks he's doing.  Kaven along with three others are sent into the Storm of Fury a storm created by their God as a punishment. During this mission, they go through trials and learn things they never even thought would be possible.
My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book it took me off to another place and made me care for these characters the plot was well thought out and the character development was great! You can definitely see that they all have something to bring to the table and it definitely made this story amazing! I loved how the story unraveled also the way it made almost everything not what it  seemed to be. while being descriptive it made me feel like I was in the story!  I was sad and amazed by the end of this book, it is definitely a worthy read for all fantasy readers!

Age I would say 13and up however if younger readers would like to try it have your parents read it first!
It is a 525-page book
Fantasy and Fiction lovers would enjoy this book! Although I would encourage all readers to try this book!