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Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't Worry About The Mule Going Blind By: Betty Tucker Book Review

Don’t Worry About the Mule Going Blind By Betty Tucker

This book gives people the true facts about life how a lot of people kids and adults where treated unfairly. It made me feel horrible about the way some people were treated back then and even now, how kids or teens would try to go find help only to not receive any because of what their skin tone looked like or what their status was in the community. The book taught me that no matter what no matter how old or broken I am I can make it through anything, Sometimes people do things and we may not understand it but everything happens for a reason. Things go a certain way to determine who you are no matter how small it is as I was reading this book I realized it. It’s like a chain reaction what if you didn’t go the wrong way? Would you end up in a crash would something bad happen? We may never know why but things happen for better or worse to teach us a lesson. And that’s exactly what happened in the book, I learned many things about how life isn’t fair I feel horrible about the way people were treated back then the way some people won’t believe over someone else just because that person is in a higher status.
Hannah Mo Roberts

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Dry by Rececca Nolen

The Dry 

I love stories where the heroes are my age and are fighting for what is good. I love stories with magic and magical creatures, other worlds and mystery! So when I started reading The Dry, I was really excited because it has all of that!

Elliot is a 12 year old who goes out into the world to search for his father. When he meets Lefty, Eliot discovers another world where dragons live, just under the surface of the world. But there is more to this new world than meets the eye. Water is disappearing and so are several children!

Elliot is determined to find out why it is happening. He learns of his own powers over animals of this world and must find a way to use it to help him solve the mystery of the disappearing water, the disappearing children and the mystery of the dry!

Will he be able to find his father? Or the kids? Nope, I’m not going to tell you! You have to read it yourself! I loved Lefty’s attitude because she was strong and wasn’t willing to give up when things got hard. It was very fun to read!

The Lady Astronomer by Katy O'Dowd

The Lady Astronomer  is a story that follows the life of Lucretia as she moves and helps her brother complete a mission given to him by the King to build a forty foot telescope. Lucretia is then invited to the castle to teach Astronomy to the kids children only too get thrown in jail for something she didn’t do.

My favorite character in this book is Al (Lucretia’s brother) I loved hearing about his inventions and liked how he would do anything to help his sister (including insulting the king). Special note: It is not good to insult the King!

My other favorite character is Princess 12 or Kitty, she went out on a limb and helped save Lucretia's life! Even if Kitty is a little girl she is sweet, funny and feisty. She reminds me of me when I was younger.

I will definitely be reading The Lady Astronomer again and hope that there are more adventures to come!

Heron Baby Island by Robert Cherney

Heron Baby Island  is a book about a 17 year old boy named Stu, while taking pictures of a bird one day Stu sees Natalie (a girl he’s been crushing on for a while) and together the two try and save the birds from being eating by alligators, something that happened as he watched. The story of their friendship from handling school life to finding something in common that they both care about grows from that point on.

My favorite thing about this book is the fact it shows that you can do something if you put your mind to it. Despite the odds against him, he tries to raise the funds needed, to help protect these endangered birds. The difficulty of his end goal didn’t discourage him in pursuing it. I like stories where teens don’t let their age stop them from trying to make a difference.

The story also made a point that just because some animals are put into shows for all to see doesn’t mean that they are abused or mistreated. Sometimes, what others are able to learn from these shows teaches them an appreciation for animals they would never be able to see up close any other way.

I don’t want to give away any of the ending but if you want to read a story about a teen on a mission against difficult odds, you will enjoy Heron Baby.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alora By Tamie Dearen


Alora by Tamie Dearen


In the book, Alora, the title character is just an average fifteen year old girl. She’s a public school student with two best friends, Wesley and Beth. Then she begins to have visions that cause her to call on her friends to help her understand them.

All of her visions seem to revolve around a boy, one she has never seen before. She has many questions like is this boy real? Or is he a figment of her imagination? Soon she learns a startling truth that causes her to question everything she knows about her life and family.

Throughout the book she gains a supernatural ability. Transporting. She learns how to disappear from one place and appear in another and she begins to perfect her ability.


I like Alora’s personality, she thinks she can save everyone and will do anything to try, even if it means getting hurt or fighting with someone around her. I really enjoyed reading Alora for the mystery, for the romance between her and her ‘vision boy’. I thought it was sweet. I really liked Beth because she was very funny. I like the way the real world we all live in was combined with a magical one with sorcerers and the supernatural.

I would definitely recommend Alora to anyone who likes romance, magic and young adult plots.