Video Reviews By Mo


Video Reviews By Mo


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Order of Ascalon By Daniel Franks

Glynnis is a girl who grows up living in a castle apprentice to Merlin, but when an evil threatens to kill the kings son, Peter. Glynnis, Merlin, and the baby prince go into hiding but when they are attacked Merlin stops them, and then sends the two away both to at a different place, Years later Peter learns of his heritage and has to destroy the growing evil.

One of the things I enjoyed was the descriptions of the places and the way the characters were written.

Dream Walkers Part 1 By DM Andrews

This book follows Cal and Ash as they discover on why, they can’t control their dreams anymore? also why do they appear in each other dreams? This Fantasy/Adventure will put you on edge as you go through this tale.‏‏
I enjoyed this book because it left me guessing on what would happen next, who was behind it all? I really enjoyed reading it and going through the adventure.

To hear more watch the video down below.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion by Mary C. Findley

A young woman becomes in love with a boy who is wealthy and her age. However, she is engaged to someone who is missing and has been for over 15 years.  After a series of twists and turns that leaves her terrified, this young woman will find herself trying to find her mother and her uncle while trying to make sure whoever took them, doesn't strike again. With her only guardians missing, Hope must find and defeat the villain while trying to decide who she really loves.

To be honest I have mixed opinions on this book, in parts I enjoyed it, however in different parts of the story I didn't enjoy as much.

Sabaska’s Tale By Julie Campbell

Sabaska’s Tale 

This book follows a girl named Anna who is learning how to handle her grandmother’s death. However Anna thinks that the circumstances following her death are strange. She soon tries to sell all of the horses that belonged to her grandmother, but is having a hard time trying to sell them. One night Anna is taken away to another land and finds out that someone is trying to capture travelers (horses with special abilities), and use their ability to travel from world to world. During this adventure Anna tries to stop this evil while making sure no one becomes suspicious of her whereabouts.

I like the way it was written Anna did what she thought was right, and this is a good book  fantasy and horse lover will like this book.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Leandra's Enchanted Flute By Katy Huth Jones

Lee Ann is the main character who has just ended chemo therapy, but knows there is a chance that the cancer might come back. Once home from chemo, she is whirled away to an adventure to defeat something similar to cancer called canker it is destroying a magical land and killing the animals, trees and poisoning the waters. Soon she is fighting giant roaches, worms, and vultures, it seems she can never catch a break, first she gets cancer and now she has to save a land from something that reminds her of cancer, at least she has her magic flute to help her battle evil.This book helps cancer patients realize that they can fight cancer and still live a life even though they have cancer. This book taught me that no matter what I face there is always hope and a way to be happy.