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Video Reviews By Mo


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Broken Branches by Jonathan Lee

**I was given this book in exchange for an HONEST review please keep in mind this is MY  honest opinion about the book.**

I can honestly say that this book is not at all a horror or thriller book because nothing really scary happened. It did not read as either one of those genres anyway. The characters were written well, however do not expect any character development at least in the positive sense of the word. Ian seemed to be driven to insanity or at least the brink of it and that is never really developed as a theme. His obsessive behavior of investigating the family ‘curse’ drove his wife from him and the reaction of his wife ranged from understandably upset to being angry at him for reasons I can’t explain.

The flashbacks to his childhood seemed to be explaining what his motivations and ideas were regarding the family curse but they weren’t clear and ended up confusing me more than they should have. The twist at the end was supposed to be a “Sixth Sense” “OMG he was dead the whole time” type twist. It wasn’t for me because looking back on the action in the previous chapters it wasn’t a “oh I see that now” kind of observation. It left me with more questions really.

I expect thrillers to be thrilling and horror books to be scary, this was more of a psychological book examining the gradual slide into insanity of a person that I wanted to believe was right about the curse. I’m sure many people who like that kind of book will enjoy this but for me, it was just confusing.

In conclusion, this book while I am sure is interesting and scary to others did not meet my expectations as a horror or thriller book. I liked the idea of the book, the setting was ideal, but I did not like how the story played out.

Thank you to Hideaway Falls for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review!

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